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Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong?

It's September. A time for new beginnings, for chilly weather. For pumpkin everything. 

For some, it can be a stressful time too.

Have you ever started the summer with the vow that you would come back to school or work or whatever your choice with a smaller, more fit body? Did you vow that in the warm weather, things would change? 

And how many times did that fail?

It's because your body size is not something you can change anymore than you can change your height. At least not through sheer "willpower"- whatever that is. 

Your body size may change as you feed it intuitively and move with joy, but that is not the goal. That is never the goal. (Be wary of "mindful eating" programs that tell you that you will achieve weight loss by eating intuitively) The goal is always, always, always to treat ourselves with respect. 

And that respect means feeding your body as it exists. Without the pressure to drop those last "X" pounds or first "X" pounds. Because what we put in our bodies is more important than what our body looks like or what our body weighs. And sometimes that means a cupcake, and sometimes that means a salad. But it should always be with the intent to nourish yourself-body and soul. 

And none of this means that you won't eat emotionally. Because we all eat emotionally. 

Let's say it again -  we all eat emotionally. 

It's human nature. Ever since we were babies. We cried. We cried and we were given milk. Do you think a baby only cries to nurse when it is physically hungry? Hell no. Kids cry to nurse when they are in pain, overwhelmed with the new things they are doing, when they are tired, when they miss you. It's emotional- and it's normal. 

And it is normal to not be perfect at this eating and moving thing. It is so important to know that we all suck at this. All of us. Especially in a society where we are constantly told you are wrong. So you know what- I'm here to tell you something different. 

You are right. Your desire to eat that cupcake with that salad is right. Your desire to sit instead of run is right. Your desire to enjoy the movement you choose to do is right. 

You are right.





(PS- Just wanted to also say that there are times when we are unable to listen to the signals our body is giving us. This is typically seen in an eating disorder- when the voice in our head overrides that true voice that is us. This is also a reminder that an eating disorder- any eating disorder- can happen to anyone. Regardless of their body size. If you need help contact NEDA helpline at 1-800-931-2237 or you can contact me at prospernutritionandwellness.com for help)

What is Health At Every Size?

What is Health At Every Size?