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What is Health At Every Size?

What is Health At Every Size?

Today's long awaited blog post is going to start off with a BANG!

Wait for it.

 I am officially an RD and I am opening a Private Practice

Everyone give a nice, big welcome to Prosper Nutrition and Wellness!!

I will be working with eating disorders, disordered eating, diabetes, autism spectrum disorder, and those who just want out of the diet sphere but aren't sure how. 

So, in honor of this occasion. I am going to continue the theme of Health at Every Size in this post. 

In my last post (4 months ago- oops), I spoke about how your weight should not define you or your health. And it doesn't. But I didn't get too detailed about why. So I'm here today to help you understand Health at Every Size. 

Health at Every Size, or HAES, a term coined by the amazing Dr. Linda Bacon, refers to the fact that a person can be 100% healthy at any weight - because weight is not a real measure of health. Very rarely is weight actually to blame for "obesity related illness". Weight is often a symptom, just like high cholesterol or high blood pressure, of lifestyle. Weight is not a controllable factor. You can control your exercise, your self care, your gentle nutrition, but weight is not something that we can truly control. How many people can you name (that you actually know) that have lost weight by dieting and actually kept that weight off? Not many, I bet. There is always the talk of "bad" food and calories. There is guilt, there is "cheating", and there is weight gain. 

You may be asking "How can a person in a large body be healthy?" or "that person can't really be healthy!!". And you know what, they might not be healthy, they might be extremely healthy. But the point is, you cannot judge a person's health on the size of their body. 

Again for those in the back:

You cannot judge a person's health based on their weight

To answer another question, this also doesn't say that every person is healthy at every weight. Just because you can be healthy at any weight, doesn't mean you are. But just because you are in a larger body, or a smaller body, you are not shoved into a health box. 

Your health is your choice. But it's also your environment. And your genetics. And honestly, your luck. So let's stop judging everyone based on their appearance. Because unless you are doctor and are reading that person's lab reports at that exact moment, you have no idea what is happening. 

Questions? Feel free to ask.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong?

Your weight is not a disease

Your weight is not a disease