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My New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution

New year, new me?


Not this year. My self improvements began for me awhile ago. This was not triggered by the idea of a new beginning associated with the new year. This was triggered because I needed to make myself healthy. In so many ways, I was suffering. I am still suffering. I know that I am improving. I know that I am working toward recovery and I know this year has amazing things in store for me.


Something else I will not be doing with this new year, dieting.


I will not be dieting with this new year no matter how hard it is to stand contrary to the diet culture that exists throughout our entire world. With the new year, everyone is sharing their diet advice. I am going to share my desire to not diet. To not restrict. To not force my body to do something it does not want to do. I am not going to force myself into exercise that I hate or that I do with the sole aim of burning calories.


Here is my New Year's resolution: My world will not revolve around calories.


My world will revolve around providing myself with the best self care that I possibly can. By doing this, I will be the best mother I can be, the best student I can be, and the best person I can be. For once, I am going to put myself first.

I am still learning about the anti-diet culture. I am still learning about Health at Every Size. (if you haven't heard about it, please look up Linda Bacon and her book). I am still learning how to trust my body when it says I am hungry and when it says I am full. When it tells me that my dinner should be an éclair not a salad. Or that the only thing I want to eat is hard-boiled eggs. Sometimes, that is okay. My body is trust-worthy. Even though I haven't believed it for years, it's time to put the faith back in my body.


I need to have the faith that my body is smart and it knows what it needs. My body will ask for the nutrition it needs and the love it needs. And I need to listen to it, I need to believe that it will ask for what it truly needs. Even if it is hard. I also need to listen to the emotions that come from eating. And the emotions that drive me to eat.


I need to listen. I need to believe.


My request for you is to challenge the diet. Challenge the need to lose weight.

Challenge the idea that your health and value is determined by the number on the scale, because I promise you. It is so much more.



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