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Dietetic Technician, mom, yoga enthusiast, and nerd.

Fat & Feminist

I'm struggling writing a blog today. 

I have a lot of anxiety about a lot of things right now. 

I think I should bring up how being a strong woman is pushing me along in my recovery with Binge Eating Disorder. The stronger I feel as a woman, the more empowered I feel to fight back against the outside voices that have so strongly influenced my inner critic.

And society has done a number on shaping my inner critic. That nameless voice in my head still talks to me all the time. She is loud. She is annoying.

And she is wrong.

She is wrong because there is so much more to being a woman than the way you look. There is so much more to being beautiful than being skinny. There is so much more than being strong than looking the part. There is so much more to being successful than fitting a stereotype.

And being told that we have to fit a certain stereotype as women makes me mad. It makes me so angry. And it makes me want to fight back.

I can be so much more than what is expected of me just because of the way I look. I can have thoughts of my own and I can fight back. And damn it, I'm going to fight back. Because there is so much more to me than the way I look and there is more to me than the way this eating disorder lurks around me.

I will learn how to fight back against society and those who would oppress me.

I will not be defined by my gender. I will be defined by what I accomplish.  



My New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution