I'm Amee.

Dietetic Technician, mom, yoga enthusiast, and nerd.

Start off with a bang....

Well, hello. Welcome to my first ever blog. Kind of. I had another one. This website was supposed to originally go in another direction, but it seemed like it didn't really fit what I needed it to be. So, I decided to change it.

Now, here I am. And I suppose, eventually, you'll learn all the down and dirty about me.

Let's start with the lighter stuff first, shall we?


I graduated from Montana State University last May. And I unsuccessfully tried to apply to a dietetic internship last spring. (For those of you that have never done this, when you aren't "matched" you get a little note in your file that says "We're sorry, you did not match" it's awful). However, I really decided to bust my butt over the summer and to build some contacts while digging deep for my personal statement. And it paid off! I was accepted into Iowa State University's Distance Dietetic Internship with an International rotation. This means that I get to complete my internship here in Washington (Not Iowa, sorry Iowan's) AND, in May, I get to go to Paris for 2 weeks!

2 weeks!!! That is so amazing! I am beyond excited. I minored in French at university, so getting to go to Paris for my dietetic internship...? That's the dream.


Anyway, I found out early that I was accepted into this internship, so I still have to wait a couple weeks before I can hit the ground running and really start getting into the nitty gritty of my internship. If anyone has any questions about the application process, I will gladly share my experience with you.


My next post will focus a little more heavily on me. So get ready for that one... See you next week!

No More Apologies

No More Apologies