About Me

Hi, I'm Amee. I'm a Registered Dietitian who works with Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating, and eating disorders. I also work with patients who have diabetes. I am also recovered from binge eating disorder (BED).



I went to Montana State University and completed my DPD in dietetics. I completed my dietetic internship with Iowa State University. I am the owner of Prosper Nutrition and Wellness. I specialize in helping individuals with eating disorders, disordered eating, diabetes and weight-inclusive wellness. For information on Prosper Nutrition and Wellness, click here


I also have a diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder. I have always found comfort in food. It has always been something to help me numb the uncomfortable feelings. Of which there can be a lot. But I would restrict terribly than binge, then restrict etc etc. The cycle was always continuing. I finally reached rock bottom when I hit my highest weight and could barely stand to wake up in the morning because I felt so terrible. I am working through it and working on finding a way to combine this eating disorder with my future as a dietitian. That is also what this blog is for. And to help others. We all need to know there are others out there.




And finally. I am a wife to a wonderfully silly man just like me and a mom to a crazy, creative, (sometimes) annoying little girl. When I'm not working, they are my life. So, I guess I have to include them as well.